About Carl

Carl Britton, Jr., is Founder of In Their Face Marketing which helps businesses grow through the use of strategic online marketing and advertising.

As Co-Founder of the Transeo Ecosystem, Carl leads the software development, communication mapping, marketing, and advertising.

Carl is also the Co-Founder of SAW, an online substance abuse education course that aids leaders in their ability to identify employees under the influence.

Carl is the author of three books; Facebook for Independent Pharmacy, Digital Marketing Script, and his latest book, Start It. Finish It.

He speaks at conferences and meetings all across the United States. He lives in Moore, Oklahoma with his wife, two daughters and his 1972 Chevelle.

Random Facts:


With an eclectic taste for music, Carl enjoys almost every genre of music. From jazz and the blues to 80’s hair bands, music has been a long-time passion for Carl.

Foster Parent

Carl and his wife were foster parents for many years. Their belief is that every child deserves love. 


Carl is a gear head. He has a 1972 Chevelle drag race car and his daily driver is a Ford Raptor. His interest in cars developed at a young age and has continued to the present.


On May 20th, 2013, Carl and his wife lost their home in an EF5 tornado that tore through Moore, Oklahoma. They rebuilt their home in the same locating.  


Carl has served on the boards of local non-profits, he volunteers with multiple organizations including Junior Achievement and the exchange club. He and his business partners organized a Thanksgiving dinner for foster children who “aged out” of DHS. 

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